Conor McGregor Vs. Eddie Alvarez To headline UFC 205

conor-lajmet-efunditOnly Conor McGregor has had the opportunity to become the first UFC fighter in UFC History at holding two titles at one time in two separate weight classes. The Featherweight champion is challenging none other than Eddie Alvarez for his UFC lightweight title in a main event of UFC 205 in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. This takes place on November 12, 2016. The UFC president, Dana White has announced that this will take place in an announcement on Monday Night at the ESPN Sports Center.

Also, McGregor won’t be relinquishing his featherweight championship that leads up to the main event of UFC 205. This makes the meeting of champion vs champion, a superfight.

Having been scheduled to fight previous lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at the UFC 196 March 5, McGregor was disappointed when Anjos pulled out of the fight just weeks before it was scheduled to take place due to his broken foot. Nate Diaz stepped in and won the bout that was contested at welterweight in a second-round submiossion.

natediaz-vs-conormcgregor2-lajme-shqipUFC 202 was the rematch for the welterweight and McGregor won this in a hands down majority decision. Meanwhile, Alvarex 2804 has cut a wide swath through the 155 pound weight class for UFC. After he lost to Donald Cerrone in the UFC debut at UFC 178, former champion went on to defeat the former strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez. Then, on to beat former UFC WEC Champion Anthony Pettis prior to knocking out dos Anjos during the opening round on July 7 in Las Vegas and claimed the title.

As always, there are casualties when there are major bouts. One was the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov 23-0 and he was the anticipated opponent to Alvarez at UFC 205 or 206. They had signed agreements for the bouts. Alvarez obviously preferred the match to McGregor. The other is the interim featherweight champ Jose Aldo.

Conor McGregor hasn’t defended his 145 pound belt since he defeated Alda in a knockout and claimed the title December 12. His intermim title won by Aldo over Frankie Edgar during UFC 200 was given after Conor McGregor did a rematch with Diaz instead of a featherweight defense for the title.

With the McGregor-Alvarez fight, the UFC has it’s first card in New York City. It follows a near decade battle to legalize the sport in New York. It now offers three championship fights: That of Mcgregor-Alvares; That of Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson for welterweight and that of Joanna Jedrezejcyzk vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz for straweigtht.

UFC: Does Promotion see what it has in Cris Cyborg?

Never before iin the history of MMA has the promotion been more reluctant in accepting a fighter’s stardom as it is to accept that of Cris the Cyborg Justino.

rousey-nunes-lajmet-mmaObviously with both male and females such as Ronda Rousey, they sought plenty of time and money and she was finally blasted out by none other than Holly Holm who managed a head kick in November 2015. After that, it was history.

That left Rousey out for the better part of a year and without a return date in sight for the bantamweight she formerly ruled, it left a state of uncertainty. UFC was forced to accept the fact that Rousey’s foil may have been as good as it gets.

Thus, Cyborg is facing another UFC fight and this time, she’s the headline. Oddly, the sport can make for strange bedfellows at times.

While Rousey was in charge of the roost, Cyborg had to be content in the sidelines and as the afterthought. She was scared to come into the bantamweight with Rousey. She was a PED user and didn’t deserve the title shot. All Cyborg was, was Wanderlei Silva wearing a dress. Anything that the UFC could do to downplay her as a threat was done and she was the legitimate threat to Rousey. There were no morals or scruples whatsoever.

The fact is, the most ardent supporters of the president, Dana White, could slander the female fighters for their appearance and all of them believed Cyborg to be a cakewalk in the most polite of terms.

With her graceful barbarity and her perpetual masterclass in technique, she was backed up with power and strength that no one oculd match at the time. Almost animalistic in stalking her prey she finished with a swift and vicious flurry. A gift of beauty to the eye you’ll see broken noses and blood on the faces of her opponents. Rousey was more Hollywood than a haymaker and UFC gave Justino her shot at fame. Showing up in Brazil at the UFC event, her 140 pounds made hamberger out of Leslie Smith on one minute. Everyone loved it.

crys-cyborg-mma-shqiplajmetInstantly a hero in her own homeland, this gave Octagon thrills that the nation hasn’t seen since TRT Vitor Belfort punted heads in the Amazon like a soccer ball. Today, she’s going to go back and be another headliner. UFC has recently announced that she’ll be the name on the marquee at the UFC Fight Night 95 in September at Brasilia. This is what is going to work her country up into a frenzy.

For anyone who enjoys the short main events that are full of carnage, they’ll also enjoy the Lina Lansberg at the debutant drawing as the sacrifice of Cyborg. Lansberg’s 6-1 to the people has rarely been seen unless she is made from cast iron, she won’t have a chance.

Of course, all of this leads up to the conclusion that UFC finally, in spite of the odds, may have fully understood what Cyborg was after. Being an entertaining fighter in MMA as a female, she has the ability to be invincible. She’s managed it for twice as long as Rousey did. She’ll carry a card and everyone will be watching. She can bolster a Brazilian market that was flagging and perhaps she’ll make it further.

Take a good long look for the UFC and Justino. She may just be the star that they’ve always wanted.